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Before the break, reflections on a fine semester

December 12, 2011

Remarkable. This has been a semester worthy of reflection– so many great moments, so much great music. As I type this looking out my window at a beautiful DePauw campus on a sunny December day, the carillon sounds. How nice it is to hear the bells on campus–thank you Alpha Chi and Sandy and Gary Drew; your generosity will be heard for generations to come.

I recall a most enjoyable freshman convocation dinner– the faculty and staff and new students all together for the first time. So much potential, so much promise– a great start to our year. Was it really four months ago? I remember the first School of Music Picnic– a new tradition– all of us together as a school. It felt good. A harbinger perhaps. And I think I’ll always remember DePauwpalooza–who knew so many CLA students would come celebrate with us? Of course, Yo-Yo Ma will alter the trajectory of every person/place/entity he comes into contact with. We are all deeply changed by his visit–he showed such passion and commitment and such… joy. Thank you Judson and Joyce Green; your generosity has profoundly impacted this school and the lives of all of us within it.

So many fine performances–faculty, student, large ensembles, chamber music, concerts, recitals, productions– a whirlwind of wonderful and beautiful and mesmerizing music culminating in one of our biggest houses ever for the first Holiday Gala. Who knew so many community members would come celebrate with us? I loved the look of joy– not just on the faces of the members of the audiences– but on the members of the performers as well. Isn’t it great to play for a large, appreciative audience? A harbinger perhaps.

Good things are happening here. It’s our time. Happy holidays to the next great school of music. You have a well-deserved break coming. Use it wisely. You’ll need your strength for the magic you’ll be making next year.

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