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Another Time Around the Wheel

September 12, 2012

For all but our first-years, this is another time around the academic wheel at DePauw and we are a few weeks into our fall semester. The academic year has a rhythm to it that is particularly prominent (and punning-ly obvious) in a School of Music.

 DePauwpalooza, the annual coming together of the School of Music and the CLA is around the corner on Friday September 21. A giant pizza party on Bowman Park with exciting music from all the major ensembles of the School of Music is a great way for us to kick off our year.

 We are thrilled to welcome the Project Trio, a genre-busting group with over 5 million views on YouTube to campus on Wednesday September 19.

 The concert season begins for the School of Music students with performances of Orchestra, Jazz, Band and Choir all in the coming days.

 Into the Woods, a joint production of the School of Music and Department of Theater hits the boards this month as well.

 A School of Music provides much to a college campus.  Even though cyclical in nature, it feels fresh and new every year. I hope to see you at these events–  soon and often.

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