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Music Among Friends

November 28, 2012

It is chamber music week at DePauw and the music keeps coming. Brahms, Mozart, Milhaud–voices, strings, winds–it’s a busy week. As dean at DePauw, I get to hear a lot of great music but this week is special. Chamber music– music among friends– is a particularly satisfying musical conversation and that conversation has been remarkable these several days. The Schubert and Brahms of Monday evening set a positive tone of expectation for the rest of the week. The Flute choir of Tuesday night brought a wide variety and a wonderful mix of music majors, CLA majors and even community members to the stage for the musical discussion. Wednesday brought another wide variety of composers and ensembles to light. Of particular note was a remarkable performance of the Milhaud Suite for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, Op. 157b by Jenny Miller, Dan Hickey and Rachel Robin From the first note we were captured and taken on a tremendous hold-on-to-your-seat joyride. This type of committed playing is a pleasure to witness and Milhaud’s brilliance glistened throughout. The Mendelssohn String Quartet in A Major, op. 13 was another stellar moment. The “conversation among friends” was particularly evident in this as Susie, Sarah, Tom and Sam displayed a comfort level rare among undergraduates and let us listen in as they spilled Mendelssohn’s secrets.  The entire evening flew by.

Deans hear a lot of great music. Even so, this week was special. 

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