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May 16, 2014

Sunday, May 11 was a great day for DePauw and for Putnam County. The Fifth House Ensemble joined the School of Music and local musicians to tell a story. And what a story they told. “Harvest,” was an effort to reach out to our society and pay homage to one particular segment of that population—the agricultural community—  while celebrating every person within it. It was an amazing success. From the first notes of Joseph Curiale’s Prairie Hymn as performed by the DePauw University Orchestra until the very last words of Joe Heithaus’ powerful poem “What Grows Here,” I and many members of the community were mesmerized. The video snippets showing teachers and students and farmers and merchants all talking about the history and heritage of our beautiful county complimented the great folk, country and classical music and it was a joy to behold.

As I watched both the performers and the audience, I realized that I was witnessing once again the magic of music pulling people together. It was a great day.


We owe special thanks to:

Fifth House Ensemble

Melissa Snoza, flute

Merideth Hite, oboe

Jennifer Woodrum, clarinet

Eric Heidbreder, bassoon

Valerie Whitney, horn

Andrew Williams, violin

Clark Carruth, viola

Jean Hatmaker, cello

Eric Snoza, bass

Jani Parsons, piano


Putnam County Musicians

John Bean (song writer and performer)

Bobbie Lancaster (song writer and performer)

Tad Robinson and Annelise Delcambre (vocals)

Michael Van Rensselaer (song writer and performer)

Christopher Wurster (song writer and performer)


The Fret Set (song creators and performers)

Members who are performing:

Rick Smock, guitar

Don Bowlby, mandolin

Lenora Bowlby, dulcimer

Bill Lorton, fiddle

Jill Dombrowski, hammered dulcimer

Cliff Gammon, dobro

John Kellam, mandolin

Michael Van Rensselaer, banjo


Gobin United Methodist Church Choir – Emily Barnash, director

Greencastle Presbyterian Church Choir – Anna Gatdula, director

North Putnam County Middle School Chorus – Kelly Thomas, director


DePauw University School of Music

DePauw University Orchestra – Orcenith Smith, director

DePauw University Chorus – Gregory Ristow, director

DePauw Chamber Singers – Gregory Ristow, director

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